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  • File compare software to compare two tex 2.0

    Have you ever wanted to compare two different files quickly, but haven't had the tools you need? Then this software is for you! Download the file
  • Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup Free

    Arctor is an easy-to-use and powerful file backup solution, offering fast, reliable backup and version management. It can quickly and easily restore
  • Disk Encryption Software Cryptic Disk

    Think of all of the information on your computer - and what could happen if someone else gained access to it. Virtual encrypted disks, like those in
  • Check Disk and Format Disk Component 1.0

    The Check Disk and Format Disk component is a Delphi wrapper around the Windows APIs exported by fmifs.dll, which are used to format fixed or
  • Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup

    Arctor is an easy-to-use and powerful file backup solution, offering fast, reliable backup and version management. It can quickly and easily restore
  • Beyond Compare 3.3.11

    Beyond Compare is a directory and a file compare utility. Its major features are it synchronizes files between laptop and PC, home and office, etc as
  • Compare PDF 3.0

    Compare PDF can compare both - related and non-related files. "By keywords" comparison feature highlights common and unique keywords, allowing to
  • Compare It! 4.0

    Powerful file compare and merge utility. Features: built-in editor with syntax highlighting, undo and wordwrap; highlights changes within lines;
  • Compare++

    Coode Compare++(Compare plus plus, CMPP for short), is a visual language-aware file comparison and 3way merge tool tailored for programmers, which
  • SQL Compare 1.01

    SQL Compare is a utility used to compare and synchronize the structures of MS SQL 7, 2000 and MSDE databases. The differences between database
  • Compare 3.4

    Compare is a useful and reliable application which allows users to easily write or execute SQL queries and manipulate data in local dBase or Paradox
  • RLA DLL Compare -

    When you build the final version of the software. Sometimes it is not be same as the one which has been tested. To avoid this problem after the build
  • Excel Compare 3.0

    Description of the Developer: Excel Compare is a utility that would allow you to get rid of the problems of manual searching the differences and
  • Compare Suite 3.0

    If you are interested in comparing any types of files for any reason, what you should use is the Compare Suite program. This software will help you to
  • Compare and Merge 2.3

    Compare and Merge is a visual file and source code compare utility. It lets you see the differences between text files, and makes it easy to resolve
  • Compare & Backup 5.0

    Compare & Backup is an easy to use and powerful tool for directory synchronization. It allows you to compare source with destination before
  • VBA Code Compare 0.4

    VBA Code Compare enables you to compare and merge any Visual Basic code embedded into a VBA project (macros, sheet code, module code etc.). This tool
  • Hex Compare 5.1210

    A binary file comparison and hex editor. It helps you to compare files in binary format, serving as a hex editor.Allow quickly compare two files and
  • Compare Advance 1.1.16

    Compare Advance is a very easy to use folder compare utility with powerful features that enable you to quickly and easily see the differences between
  • File Compare 1.10

    Compare 2 Files & see if they are identical. The file utility Microsoft forgot! Use from inside Windows Explorer File Manager or as a
  • OverCAD Dwg Compare 2.50

    OverCAD Dwg Compare enables you to finds differences between versions of AutoCAD drawings and displays them graphically. Find the differences
  • Godsw SQL Compare 2.0

    Godsw SQL Compare is a perfect tool which you can use to compare databases and synchronize the structure of Microsoft SQL Server databases. This is
  • Compare 2 lists 1.0

    This freeware program compares the records in two lists.
  • SQLite Compare 4.1

    SQLite Compare compares the schema of two SQLite database files and quickly locates the differences in tables, triggers, views or any other object
  • Code Compare

    Code Compare is an advanced comparison and synchronization tool that compares text, source code, XML files and directories then, highlights
  • DLL Version Compare 1.3

    This tool will be helpful comparing the version and size and modified date. This tool compares the two directories for the dll version, size and the
  • DWG Compare for AutoCAD 2012

    DWG Compare for AutoCAD. A powerful compare drawings tool of AutoCAD. Find differences between versions of AutoCAD drawings and display them
  • Quick Compare 1.0

    Quick Compare allows you to compare either 2 files, or complete folders in a matter of seconds, and have the results put in a third folder of your
  • Compare Folder 4.0

    Compare Folder will compare files, folders and sub-folders (if desired) to quickly update backup set before you get down to some serious work.It can
  • Image Compare 1.00.0018

    A utility for finding and deleting duplicate image files This application compares image files by file size, image size and random pixels. Image
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  • ArcDiff 1.7.2

    ArcDiff is a tool to compare archive files on its contents basis. compares archive to archive, archive to disk and disk to disk. Supports ZIP,LZH,CAB,RAR and TAR archive types. Prints and exports the result of
  • MildMannered Baseline 1.5.3

    Where has all your disk space gone? Superfast disk Scanning View files and Folders in a list, in columns, or graphically as a TreeMap Detect Duplicate Files QuickLook support Time Machine disk support compare your
  • Quick Compare 1.0

    Quick compare allows you to compare either 2 files, or complete folders in a matter of seconds, and have the results put in a third folder of your choosing.Quick compare however, is not a full blown compare utility, it
  • Superdiff 0.8

    Superdiff is the free compare tool for you. It features an intuitive interface that is easy to use, allowing you to compare Files and folder. Superdiff features: * Visual, easy to use interface * compare text
  • Folder Comparison 2003.0006.0020

    If you work on the same set of files both at home and at work, then you usually transfer these files on a floppy disk, a zip disk or some other kind of removable media. In this case, did you ever find yourself in the
  • TM1 Compare Lite 1.0

    TM1 compare is a new product from CarpeDatum Consulting for comparing, auditing, and synchronizing your TM1 server installations.TM1 compare can help you: - Visually compare differences between your development, QA,
  • Abonsoft Image Compare 1.0.110413

    Abonsoft Image compare can help you to compare any type pictures with their differences highlighted. It also works well for images with different sizes. Just pick up their align point, the software will align the two
  • Compare Suite 3.0

    If you are interested in comparing any types of files for any reason, what you should use is the compare Suite program. This software will help you to compare files whether they are related or not. You will be able to do
  • Starlnix Free Database Compare 2.0

    The StarInix Database compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two databases and display all the differences between them. Supported databases include: SQL Server (All Editions), MySQL and Access
  • CompareData (64-bit)

    compareData (64-bit) helps youvisually compare and synchronize data between two SQL databases using ODBC drivers as itis a native Windows cross-dbms application. You can retrieve all/some data for a table/view
  • Compare Suite by Bolide -

    compare Suite is a try-before-you-buy utility developed to compare Files and to quickly identify their differences. The program's interface will let you easily integrate compare Suite into your business system. compare
  • Active Disk Editor 6.0.37

    disk Editor tool uses a simple, low-level disk viewer which displays information in binary and text modes at the same time. You can use this view to analyze the contents of data storage structure elements such as: Hard
  • OSFClone 1.0.1008b

    OSFClone is a free, self-booting solution which enables you to create or clone exact raw disk images quickly and independent of the installed operating system. After creating or cloning a disk image, you can mount the
  • Compare Files 1.1

    compare File utility is completely free - no cost, no adware, no spyware; You can compare any two files by just drag and drop. compare Files helps you to compare two files. It checks the content of the file and
  • Uninstaller 1.14

    Uninstaller is a MacOSX native software which allows you to uninstall applications by finding and deleting new created items on your disk since a previous saved state. Uninstaller can also be used to just check changes
  • Snapper 2.02

    Snapper reads the directory of a disk which is then saved as a "snapshot", so that later you can compare it with a new snapshot of the disk and see what has changed. The results are easy to see with colour-coded
  • OmniSync 2.0

    A graphical utility that allows you to quickly and easily compare two folders, zipfiles, or FTP directories right next to each other, in any Combination, and visually reconcile the differences. Polished, professional
  • MD5 Fingerprint 1.2

    MD5 Fingerprint is a simple application that can be used to calculate the MD5 Hash for any file, and then compare it to another one. It's easy enough to compare 2 hashes just looking at them but MD5 hashes have 32
  • Directory Digest 1.4c

    Directory compare & integrity check tool. Directory compare & integrity check tool. Unlike most directory compare tools, it is intended for use in cases, when two directories can not be directly compared. Main
  • UltraCompare 8.30.1004

    The handy compare utility Ultracompare is used for comparing text files and folders as well as word documents, and even zip files and jar archives. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use. It supports
  • Free USB Disk Security 1.2.1

    The Free USB disk Security application will provide Protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB drive. compare Free USB disk Security against other antivirus solutions, you will find out its
  • Compare Folder 4.0

    compare Folder will compare files, folders and sub-folders (if desired) to quickly update backup set before you get down to some serious work.It can easily sync the files to ensure a perfect match. This comparison
  • SpyMe Tools 1.5

    A very useful program in detecting Registry and disk changes. You can either do a Real Time Monitoring or you can scan the active state of the Registry/disk and compare it to a previous state. This is useful because
  • Beyond Compare for Linux

    Beyond compare is a complex and useful tool that can help you compare and synchronize files and directories. Beyond compare allows you to synchronize files between laptops and PCs, home and office etc. compare directory
  • FilePro 1.0 Build 153

    Portable FilePro is a lightweight and very easy to use application that was created to provide you with the necessary tools for scanning local disks and creating treemaps for local or network volumes, quickly finding
  • Spreadsheet Compare 1.20.0

    compare spreadsheets with this tool. compare spreadsheets with this tool. Spreadsheet compare is a simple, easy to use Microsoft Excel Add-In, written in VBA, designed to perform a cell-by-cell comparison of
  • Free File Utility

    A Free File Utility,file test and diagnose tool, help you to test file Open With different file mode, file access, file share. You can read file data, write file data, set or get file attribute, set or get file
  • Delete Duplicates for Outlook 5.2

    Delete Duplicates for Outlook is powerful tool for detecting and deleting duplicate e-mails for Microsoft Outlook. Some of the key features are:? Fast detection and removal of duplicate messages? compare messages by
  • Twin Files 1.0

    Twin Files identifies files that are empty, trash, or duplicate other files on your disk. Because these files may be unnecessary, Twin Files lists them, and lets you take appropriate action on those files you specify to
  • AKS Image Comparer 1.0

    AKS Image comparer is a utility that enables you to compare two JPG files and show differences between them. For instance, this tool enables you to compare two versions of the same image, chart, diagram or scheme.